May 2022

A 5month old male child born out of by non-consanguineous marriage presented with history of left focal seizure, reddish discoloration of left hand and delayed attainment of milestones. Parents also noticed increase in fairness of the baby and loss of hair.

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April 2022

50 year old man presented with history of pyrexia of unknown origin, dull headache ,right ear pain, left side weakness and difficulty in swallowing. On neurological examination: Right side diplopia on looking at far objects

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March 2022

-23-year female patient presented with history of right sided headache since 1-year with recent onset giddiness and occasional vomiting for 2 months. She has right eye vision loss since birth. -Neurological examination was normal, except perception of light positivity in right eye

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November 2021

An elderly woman presented with complaints of progressive diminution of vision in both eyes. MRI showed suprasellar meningioma impinging on the optic chiasm. Patient underwent excision of the mass . Post operatively the patient did not wake up from anaesthesia. CT scan was ordered to look for post-operative complications.

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October 2021

45 year old man K/C/O Type II DM/Hypertension Presented with bifrontal headache associated with vomiting Visual hallucinations Imbalance while walking Patient developed multiple episodes of seizures, became aggressive and restless during the hospital stay

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August 2021

18 year old man was found unconscious. History of excessive somnolence, ataxia and fatigue past 5 days. No history of fever or seizures. History of head injury following road traffic accident a year back and was on prophylactic sodium valproate therapy regularly

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