July 2022

23 year old lady with tingling numbness in the right upper limb No focal deficits No significant past history No neurological deficits on examination MRI BRAIN (P+C) done for further evaluation

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May 2022

A 5month old male child born out of by non-consanguineous marriage presented with history of left focal seizure, reddish discoloration of left hand and delayed attainment of milestones. Parents also noticed increase in fairness of the baby and loss of hair.

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April 2022

50 year old man presented with history of pyrexia of unknown origin, dull headache ,right ear pain, left side weakness and difficulty in swallowing. On neurological examination: Right side diplopia on looking at far objects

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March 2022

-23-year female patient presented with history of right sided headache since 1-year with recent onset giddiness and occasional vomiting for 2 months. She has right eye vision loss since birth. -Neurological examination was normal, except perception of light positivity in right eye

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January 2022

17-year-old female presenting with Acute onset of right upper and lower limb weakness Giddiness, Deviation of mouth and slurring of speech Clinical Diagnosis: Young stroke (6 hours 40 minutes from onset to imaging)

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