1. Regular Life member

  2. Associate member

  3. Corresponding member

  4. Corporate member


Regular Life Member:

  • Individuals eligible to become Regular Members shall fill the prescribed membership application and declaration form and forward the forms along with supporting documents to the Central Office. The Hon. General Secretary will circulate the name of the applicant with his remarks to the members of the Executive Committee for their approval.
  • A Regular Member shall be a radiologist who spends at least more than half of his/her clinical and research time in the practice of neuroradiology.
  • A life Member is a person who is admitted into that category by Executive Committee and who has paid the subscription fee of Rs.5000/- at the time of admission.


Associate Life Member:

  • An Associated Member shall be a medical or a non-medical graduate not practicing neuroradiology but shares a common interest in the field of neuroradiology and who will be specialists of various medical and non-medical facilities, or a post-graduate student of various medical & non-medical facilities or technologists or physicists or trade representatives of engineers etc.
  • An Associate member shall be entitled to attend to take part in all the meetings of the Society but without the right of voting.
  • An Associate member shall be entitled to be co-opted on various committees and sub-committees by the Executive Committee and to have a copy of each issue of the periodical and other publications of the Society either free or on payment of any charges that may be levied during the continuance of membership.
  • An Associate member shall not be entitled to exercise vote in any of the meetings of the Society, to stand for election to the Executive Committee and to become an Office Bearer of the Society.


Corresponding Member:

  • Corresponding members shall be Neuroradiologists who reside and practice outside India but other wise meet the qualifications of full Membership.
  • A corresponding member shall have all the privileges of like regular membership except that he or she shall not have a vote, shall not serve on committees and shall not hold any office in this society.
  • He or she shall pay annual prescribed one-time lump sum membership fee.