Welcome to the official site of Indian Society of Neuroradiology (ISNR). ISNR is an academic society dedicated to teaching and practice of the specialty of neuroradiology and boasts of nearly 400 members.

The medical science changes rapidly with constant technical innovations and addition of new knowledge, thus substantially changing the way we know and practice our specialty.

This is particularly true for neurosciences which is a thrust area for most new technical innovations, thus expanding our horizon constantly. The society endeavors to impart knowledge and educate trainees and practicing neuroradiologists, so that current ‘state of the art’ techniques are mastered and up to date ‘standard of care’ is delivered. 

The society conducts its annual conference every year to bring neuroradiology practitioners together, so that they can share their ideas and experience as well as interact with imminent national and international faculty.

The annual conference was held at New Delhi for three years starting 2017. The society also encourages conduct of CME’s and regional conference under the aegis of ISNR in different parts of the India, the last one being at the CME at SCTIMST, Thiruvanathapuram, in the month of May 2018.

Once again I welcome you all to this forum and request you be a part of our organization and participate in our deliberations to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of neuroradiology practice.