Feb 2023

9 years old child presented to pediatrics emergency with cyanotic spell and headache. He was a known case of tetralogy of Fallot with a large VSD. On examination – the child had peripheral and central cyanosis.

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Dec 2022

A 31 year old male presented with history of seizures since 2 months. He was treated with anti epileptics and was well controlled. Patient again developed breakthrough seizures. No focal neurological deficits. Auto immune work up & CSF analysis were unremarkable.

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Nov 2022

11 year old female child presented with history of right sided hearing loss, vertigo and imbalance since 6 months, right facial numbness, facial asymmetry and difficulty swallowing since 3 months, headache and vomiting since 1 month duration.

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Oct 2022

A 21 year old male was brought for evaluation of fever since 45 days associated with holocranial headache for 30 days and altered sensorium for 20 days . Working clinical diagnosis of chronic meningoencephalitis was made for which cross sectional imaging was requested.

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