1. Review our ‘case of the Month” archive to have a general idea how the cases are presented.
  2. Cases need to be interesting, educational, and/or challenging.
  3. Case acceptance is based entirely upon the discretion of the Section Editor.
  4. Submit the case in the following powerpoint template
    1. First part (single slide) – short and relevant case history or description; Name of the authors (if applicable) and Department, Institution;
    2. Second part (1 to 2 slides) – relevant images grouped in one to 2 slides with no annotations, arrows pointing to findings.
    3. Third part (single slide) – Annotations to the images added in the second part.
    4. Fourth part (1 to 2 slides) – Final diagnosis; Short and up-to-date discussion of the case followed by 2 to 3 references. If any of the image needs to be marked with arrows to point findings or structures, it can be done in this section which is optional)
  5. Submit your cases to the Section editor, Dr. Sharath Kumar GG (drsharathkumargg@gmail.com) and expect a reply within 2 weeks regarding acceptance of the case and/or need for any additional details or images.