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Neuroradiology as a subspeciality of radiology has grown several folds in the last 3 decades. Few days back I was reading an article by our institute’s former radiology professors Prof. Rao and Prof. Mandalam on the birth and growth of neuroimaging and vascular intervention in our department. The article detailed procedures like direct puncture carotid angiogram, ventriculogram, pneumoencephalography, all being done as diagnostic procedures and the starting of Neurointervention for arteriovenous malformations. This was in 1970s and 80s. The article was really inspiring. There is no doubt that neuroradiology as practiced today in our country is because of the passion and commitment of our seniors.

With the advent of CT, MRI and neuro-interventional procedures in the disease management of neurological diseases, the growth of neuroradiology has been phenomenal. Today we have better procedures, safer contrast media and interventional radiological devices & technically superior imaging equipment.

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I welcome you all to this forum and request you be a part of our organization and participate in our deliberations to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of neuroradiology practice.

Dr Vivek Gupta

Dr. Vivek Gupta

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Dr C Kesavadas

Dr. Chandrasekharan Kesavadas

of Indian Society of Neuroradiology
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Dr. Nirod Medhi

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Dr Vivek Gupta

Dr. Vivek Gupta

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Dr Ajay Kumar ISNR

Dr. Ajay Kumar

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Dr. Joseph Leve

of Indian Society of Neuroradiology

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